VERTASS - Spikes 7mm


VERTASS - 7mm Track Spikes | Replacement spikes for track shoes | Sprint Spikes | Nails for athletics | Available in packs of 24, 100 & 500 units  

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VERTASS - Replacement Spikes 7mm


We at KOWLOONSPORTS know that for athletes it can sometimes be hard to choose the right material. For this reason, we provide you only with high-quality products such as VERTASS SPIKES which are a reliable partner when running, jumping or throwing!

VERTASS offers the widest assortment of replacement nails on the market. Regardless of whether you are looking for speed spikes, long jump spikes or middle distance spikes, VERTASS can provide them.

The spikes for athletic shoes are attached by means of a special wrench (not included in the packs, but available to purchase when ordering) to the sole of the athletic spike shoes through a standardized thread.

Therefore, all VERTASS replacement spikes are suitable for specialized athletic footwear.


If you are in doubt about which spikes suit your interests, we invite you to read our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REPLACEMENT NAILS for athletics. 


Brand:       VERTASS 

Model:       7mm Spikes - 7mm Nails

Use:          Training and Competition


Discipline:         Recommended for sprinting and jumping

Quantity:          Packs of 24, 100 or 500 units

Characteristics: Strong and durable

Composition:    Steel

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