VERTASS - 6mm HOLLOWED Replacement Nails


VERTASS - 6mm HOLLOWED replacement spikes for competition and training| 6mm Track Spikes | Sprint Spikes | Nails for athletics | Available in packs of 24, 100 & 500 units  

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VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED Replacement Spikes for Track and Field Shoes


Product Type: 6mm Replacement Nails HOLLOWED (Hollowed Out)


Crafted for athletes who seek performance without compromise, the VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED Replacement Spikenails are your ultimate solution for track and field events. These spikes, designed with a unique hollowed-out construction, offer an exceptional blend of lightness and durability that sets them apart from conventional replacement spikes.

Key Features

  • Superior Weight Savings: While the standard 6mm replacement spikes are perfect for everyday use, VERTASS has developed these 6mm HOLLOWED spikes to be significantly lighter, with over 20% weight savings compared to the standard version. This allows athletes to enjoy a competitive edge without sacrificing durability.

  • Engineered for Excellence: The HOLLOWED design, with a hollow screw stump, means that the part of the spike that screws into the shoe sole is hollow from the inside. This innovative construction not only reduces weight but also maintains a robust and resilient form factor that stands up to intense competition and rigorous training sessions alike.

  • Extended Wear Life: Unlike the ultra-lightweight aluminum spikes that wear down quickly and are not economical for training, the VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED spikes are crafted from a durable steel variant, significantly extending their lifespan. These spikes are designed to withstand both the rigors of training and the demands of race day, making them a versatile and cost-effective choice for dedicated athletes.

  • Optimized for Training and Competition: The HOLLOWED spikes are the perfect ‘middle-ground’ solution between the super lightweight and standard spikes. They are engineered to be resilient enough for frequent training sessions while still offering a tangible weight advantage, allowing athletes to train hard and race fast.

Why Choose VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED Spikes?

Balanced Performance: VERTASS has masterfully crafted a solution that combines the best characteristics of both lightweight and standard spikes, offering athletes a perfect balance between weight reduction and durability.

Train Smarter, Not Harder: With the HOLLOWED spikes, athletes can enjoy the benefits of a lighter spike during training sessions without the rapid wear associated with ultra-lightweight spikes. This means more efficient and effective training sessions without the need for frequent spike replacements.

Quality You Can Trust: VERTASS is a brand synonymous with quality and performance. When you choose VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED spikes, you are investing in a product designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.


Perfect for sprinters, middle-distance runners, and field athletes looking for an edge in performance. Suitable for all track and field events.

With the VERTASS 6mm HOLLOWED Replacement Spikes, athletes are equipped with a tool that is engineered for victory. Elevate your performance and set new personal records with these exceptional spikes.

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