About us


Thank you very much for your visit and the interest in our products.

We are a small company, based in Vigo (Spain), made up by people who live by and for sport. Rare is the day we don’t think about the next hike in the mountains, the trip on bike or participating in a half marathon.

Our journey started around 2007, and suddenly ...

One day, while organizing a mountain race and looking for some support from the sports industry, a company in the sector offered us, from one day to the next, to take the distribution of their products within Spain. Finally we got to it and little by little we were able to start selling „our“ products through partner stores.

We are very clear that we only want to offer products with which we are 100% identified, whose quality has been thoroughly verified by ourselves, whose efficacy has been amply demonstrated or is so innovative that it is worth betting on. All the products we sell are TESTED / USED by ourselves and we can recommend them with a very clear conscience.

Any questions, suggestions and / or recommendations you may have, we are happy to assist you.

All the best,

Michael Vosberg

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