FIXPOINTS - Race number magnets

FIXPOINTS is a new and innovative system for attaching bib numbers for sporting events in general and for running events in particular. . Fixpoints bib magnets allow the bib to be fixed quickly, easily and precisely and, thanks to the four pairs of running magnets, guarantees a secure hold on all common running and sportswear materials.

A big advantage of the race magnets is they protect the athletes' clothing. In contrast to the use of safety pins, the functional clothing of the athlete is no longer pierced using the Fixpoints bib magnets.

The cumbersome handling of the safety pins is also completely eliminated thanks to the running number magnets. Fixpoints offers a modern and contemporary type of magnetic bib holders with optimal wearing comfort.

Fixpoints is „Made in Germany“ – by runners for runners.

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Fixpoints - SPAIN


Fixpoints is a magnetic fastening system for bibs. Each unit contains four pairs of magnets.