Fixpoints - Needle


Fixpoints is a magnetic fastening system for bibs. Each unit contains four pairs of magnets. 


Fixpoints is a newly developed magnetic fastening system for the professional attachment of your bibs (race start numbers).

Fixpoints facilitates a simple, fast and accurately positioned attachment of the start number and assures a firm hold on all materials commonly used for running- and sports-clothing.

Your running gear will no longer be damaged by pinholes and there’s no need to fumble around with safety pins.

Fixpoints offers a modern and contemporary form of attachment with optimal comfort for the wearer and, for the color conscious, offers a range of colors to match your clothing.

Fixpoints is equally suitable for both amateur fun-runners and ambitious professional runners and athletes.

Fixpoints are “Made in Germany” and designed by runners for runners.

Set of four pairs of magnets.


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