VERTASS - 6mm spikes ultralightweight


VERTASS - Ultralightweight 6mm spikes | 6mm lightweight Track Spikes | Replacement spikes for competition | Sprint Spikes | Nails for athletics | Available in packs of 24, 100 & 500 units  

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VERTASS - Lightweight 6mm spikes for sprint competition

Introducing the VERTASS ultralightweight 6mm ultimate replacement spikes for athletes in need of speed. These spikes are recommended for use in competitions, and are made of an extremely lightweight aluminum material.

One of the main benefits of these spikes is their weight. Compared to traditional spikes, they are up to 65% lighter, giving athletes a noticeable advantage on the track

However, it is important to note that the lightweight material comes at a cost. The spikes will wear out more quickly than their heavier steel counterparts. Therefore, we recommend using them only for competitions, and switching to traditional steel spikes for training.

Overall, if you are looking for a competitive edge on the track, the VERTASS Ultralight 6mm replacement spikes are a perfect choice. Their lightweight design will help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Brand:                   VERTASS 

Model:                   Ultralightweight 6mm spikes

Where to use:        Sprint competitions.


Quantity:                Available in packs of 24, 100 o 500 units 

Characteristics:     Ultralightweight - up to 65% less weight then  traditionell spikes

Material:                Ultralightweight aluminum

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