3/4 Running tight "KONA" by Thoni Mara


Running tight / running pants by Thoni Mara. Style: 3/4 leg length. Color: Black


Thoni Mara - Running tight “Kona”

After a decade of great success and popularity with their seamless running tights, Thoni Mara now released their new model of running tights. And this one is even better than the last one.

In order to make them even lighter, softer and more comfortable, the latest premium fiber Aquarius from Nilit® is now being used. This fiber makes the tights hardly noticeable, without having to make any compromises in terms of function. They are so comfortable, you won't even want to take your tights off again, even after a run.They really fit like a glove. 

Brand new is the Thoni Mara “2IN1 technology”, which is some sort of two-layer fabric construction that has been applied while designing this new tight. 

This all creates a unique climate control so that you can wear the running tights even in colder temperatures despite the light fabric.

A reflective back pocket also offers enough space for a smartphone, gels or  two to three bars.

recommended temperature range: 5 ° to + 15 ° C, 

material: 60% polyamide / 35% polypropylene / 5% elastane

Style: 3/4 leg lenth

Colour: Black

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