Slacklace - Pink


You'll save time and frustration over traditional shoelaces when you install Slacklace® elastic shoelaces in your favorite shoe.


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Slacklace elastic shoelaces allow any pair of shoes to become slip-ons.

When putting on your shoe, the laces stretch and provide the room needed to fit over your heel. The specially designed material keeps your laces tied so they don’t shift or loosen.

Slacklaces give you the flexibility to easily put on and remove your shoes without sacrificing comfort and fit.

Slacklace no tie laces provide the following benefits:

Stay Tied Laces: Slacklace elastic shoelaces are designed to say tied and help eliminate the need to re-tie your laces during daily activities. Tie your shoes once and never tie them again.

Maximum Comfort: Eliminate pressure points and discomfort due to swollen feet. Our stretch material provides the best fit to ensure maximum comfort throughout your day.

Simple Installation: You can be up and running in your Slacklaces in less than 5 minutes. Just replace your traditional laces with Slacklaces. Tie your new laces with your foot in the shoe, adjust, and enjoy!

Sizes For The Whole Family: Slacklaces come in all sizes so everyone in your family can have slip-on shoes. From little kids to adults,Slacklace make putting on shoes a breeze!

Package includes: 1 Pair of Elastic Shoelaces

Colour: Pink

Available sizes: "XS" (for kids and small adult shoes), "S" (for normal to big adult shoes), "M" (for very big adult shoes and boots) 

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