Fixpoints - XXL


Sistema de fijación profesional de dorsales. Pack de 4 parejas de imanes extrafuertes. 


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The XXL Fixpoints are designed for those moments where an additional power is necessary in order to assure the fixing. Just like Trailrunning, Nordic Skiing, Dancing, etc,etc.

Fixpoints XXL facilitates a simple, fast and accurately positioned attachment of the start number and assures a firm hold on all materials commonly used for running- and sports-clothing.

Your gear will no longer be damaged by pinholes and there’s no need to fumble around with safety pins. Los Fixpoints XXL are reversible offering each athlete the possibility to adjust color (black or white) as needed. 

With a weight of aprox.  25gr. (complete set) and a size of 20mm, the XXL Fixpoints guarantees a maximum of comfort to atheletes. 

Fixpoints are “Made in Germany” and designed by runners for runners.

Juego de 4 parejas de imanes extrafuertes.

Modelo: XXL (superstrong)

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