Competition javelin - “GETRA KINETIC” - certified by World Athletics


The “GETRA KINETIC” competition javelin is designed for experienced and / or ambitious athletes, with a developed technique. It stands out for its lower point of gravity compared to other GETRA models.

The body is composed of multiple layers of hardened aluminum with a sharp steel tip and a fixed stringing.

Successfully used and approved by junior throwers of the German National Track & Field Team.

The 500g KINETICs are further characterized by their total length of 209 cm +/- 5 mm (between 200 and 210 cm are allowed). This makes it easier to change javelins later (at 600g).

It is an excellent javelin for a very attractive price.

Fully developed by GETRASPORT in Germany.

All World Athletics certified models.

Due to commercial agreements, GETRA javelins can only be shipped within Spanish territory. 


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