GETRA Universal KNEE Brace


Support Your Knees with the Versatile and Washable GETRA Knee Brace


GETRA Universal Knee Brace

Made from premium 4 mm neoprene material, this knee brace is designed to provide stability and warm protection to your knee, ensuring that you are able to perform at your best, whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one. The GETRA Universal knee brace is perfect for sports enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts alike, thanks to its versatility and high level of comfort.

The brace's functions go beyond just stabilisation and warming protection, offering a range of additional benefits to enhance your experience. The GETRA Universal knee brace is also fully washable, ensuring that you can maintain its quality and hygiene over time.

To ensure a perfect fit for your knee, we offer various sizes of the bandage. Please messuare the circumference of the area you wish to cover and choose from the following sizes:

  • Size S  approximately  28-30cm
  • Size M  approximately  30-33cm
  • Size L   approximately  34-36cm
  • Size XL approximately  36-38cm

In summary, the GETRA Universal knee brace is a top-performing and versatile brace that provides stability, warmth and comfort to those who wear it. With its superior quality and washable design, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to protect their knees during sporting activities or for recovery purposes. Order yours today and experience the benefits for yourself!

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