GETRA Universal Elbow Brace


Get Reliable Support and Comfort with the GETRA Universal Elbow Bandage


GETRA Universal Elbow Brace

Made of 3mm neoprene, this brace provides a supportive and warming effect for your elbow. It is also designed with ventilation holes to ensure adequate air circulation for a comfortable wearing experience.

To ensure a perfect fit for your elbow, we offer various sizes of the bandage. Please messuare the circumference of the area you wish to cover and choose from the following sizes:


  • Size S  approximately 24-26cm
  • Size M  approximately 26-29cm
  • Size L   approximately 30-32cm
  • Size XL approximately 32-34cm

The bandage is also washable, making it easy to clean and maintain hygiene.

We understand how important it is to alleviate your discomfort and support your healing process. With our GETRA Universal elbow support bandage, you can rely on reliable support to be active in sports or daily life again.

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